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Business Features

Removing all the risk and cost from online game development


z business02One solution to build and operate

HeroCloud has everything you need to make your game. By licensing world-class middleware technologies, we’ve reduced your up-front cost of game development technology to essentially zero. Your only cost to us kicks in when your games start making you money – at that point, you’ll share 30% of your revenues with us. We’ll continue to provide servers, and operations support even after you ship your game.


No Operational Costs

We cover all hosting and bandwidth costs. We’ve also integrated global billing systems to handle every kind of game transaction as well as an account management system to manage your player base. Once you enter beta we work with you to find the perfect solution that fits your budget and your business model.



Utilizing DreamManager allows QA teams, World Builders, and any other developer to instantly communicate from any location about any issue:

  • Hierarchical team-based task management system.
  • Designed for the real-world, customizable to your unique process and workflow.
  • Tasks are flexible, allowing for an exchange of concepts, asking questions, or clarification from the task creator.
  • Filter your tasks any way you like.
  • Real-time updates of new and modified tasks.