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HeroEngine and HeroCloud FAQ's

HeroEngine and HeroCloud FAQs


Do I get a world with a free account?

No, a free account does not give you a world. However, it does allow you to join other teams on their servers and/or partisipate on the site.

Do I need to purchase a subscription to get access to the Reference Worlds?

At this time, yes, you will need to purchase your own world or gain access from another world owner. We are looking at options for the future.

How fast can I build and launch a game using the HeroCloud service?

Really fast.  We’ve seen small teams build playable demos in 30 days and playable prototypes in 90 days.  In today’s economic environment we recommend building just enough game to make things interesting, then letting players in.  HeroEngine allows you to keep building content and game play after the game ships and then stream it to your players.  This way you can build your MMO the most efficient way – by focusing design and development on what your players are actually using and enjoying.  With HeroCloud you can build a rich 3D game using the low cost agile methodology of people building Facebook or iPhone games.  In fact you soon will be able to build Facebook and iPhone games with HeroEngine!

How long after I purchase the HeroEngine can I start using the HeroCloud service?

It generally takes up to two (2) business days to set up your world. Though sometimes it can be as little as one (1) day. You will receive an email once your world is built and ready for you to log in and start building your game.

What is the difference between HeroCloud and HeroEngine?

The short answer: HeroEngine is the tech that let’s you develop an online game. HeroCloud is the out-of-the-box solution that includes HeroEngine and everything else you need to launch your game online.

HeroCloud is a service that includes HeroEngine, hosting, and billing.  It is designed primarily for independent developers as well as educators, corporate and government simulation builders, and other projects.  By licensing HeroCloud your team accesses a full implementation of HeroEngine running somewhere in the Internet “cloud” so your team can access it anywhere and so you don’t need to worry about hosting, configuration management, or other annoying distractions from developing your game.

How do I get started once I sign up?

Is there documentation and training?  How about sample code and assets?

Once you sign up we will give you access to the HeroEngine documentation Wiki that covers everything you should need to know about HeroEngine.  There is also an robust community forums so you can share questions, answers, tips & tricks with other HeroCloud developers.  You also get full access to reference worlds of example games: SpaceShooter, MMO, FPS, Social Farm Game, all of which include art and scripts so you can see how we’ve used it ourselves.

I’ve built some of my game with HeroCloud and now a publisher is interested, What can I do?

There are many alternatives that we can offer on a case by case basis. Contact sales to get a HeroEngine source license to transfer your game from the HeroCloud to your own servers.

My game is not an MMO RPG, it’s a shooter. Is HeroCloud the way to go?

HeroCloud lets you build games that look any way you want.  The art direction of our existing assets more “realistic”, but you could create a cartoony style, or build art for a game set in the modern world or the future.  We have hundreds of teams developing dozens of different types of games from MMO’s to mobas to RTS to social to FPS to space simulation, and every type of hybrid in between.

I want to make a real time simulation- not a game, can I?

Absolutely you can. That is actually a part of our clientele. We have licensed the HeroEngine for both stand alone and on the Cloud for things like interactive educational tools, military simulations and even to architects for working directly with their clients in real time.


I signd up for a free account, where is my world?

At this time we do not offer free worlds. However, your free account does allow you to join other teams and/or partisipate on the forums and other social media.

Can I upgrade my account?

Yes you can. You can upgrade any time you like. If you would like to upgrade, you pay the difference between your current tier and the next level tier. You do not pay the full amount, we take into account what you had paid for your current subscription. Your next billing will reflect the new subscription tier you are on automatically.


Do you renew my subscription automaticly?

No we do not. We believe that it should be up to each person when and if they want to renew. We may offer this as an option, however, by default auto-renewal will always be disabled, leaving that decision up to you.

Can I add just one more seat to my subscription?

Yes you can. This works like an upgrade where you only pay the difference for the extra seat based on the tier you are currently on. Example: You have a 10 seat license (Starter)  and want to add one more, the difference will cost you only $29.99.

If you wish to add single seats and not do a full upgrade, you can email us at our support or through our Contact Us page.

I am unable to pay my next subscription, do you delete my data/world?

We realize sometimes things happen in life and you might not be able to renew right away, or you just want to take a break. All accounts are kept on our system and are not removed from our system if you do not renew your subscription. We keep all worlds for up to 36 months, so you can return any time.

How do I manage my account or add new developers to my group?

HeroEngine provides a web based system that allows you to manage all aspects of your account. It provides you the ability to add new accounts, existing HE accounts as well as disabling or removing accounts that are no longer needed. You can also use the base permission system we provide as well for account and access levels. For more advanced users, this is also customization in engine to fit your teams and projects needs.

All active user accounts have access to our Account Management System (AMS) which is located at account.heroengine.com

For more information about HeroEngine's AMS


What is included in my HeroEngine subscription?

We currently offer the following middleware at no extra charge and is integrated into HeroEngine and HeroCloud:

  • SpeedTree (and SpeedTree application tools)
  • Granny 3D (and tools)
  • Granny Animation
  • FaceGen
  • FMod
  • NVidia PhysX (and tools)

We may be adding more in later, and some of the features may change durring HeroEngine and Middleware upgrades.

With your subscription, you also get the customized HGM export and animation export plugins for both 3ds Max and Maya.

Do I need licenses for any third party software to use HeroCloud?

We have purchased licenses from Awesomium, RAD Game Tools, SpeedTree, DPVS Umbra, FMOD and FaceGen for you.  You can use these tools in HeroCloud only.  More details in the wiki or via this press release.

What moddeling programmes are required for importing assets?

We currently only support HGM formats, a part of Granny3D. This means that either 3ds Max or Maya will be required. If you do not apply for a student license for learning purposes only, you can also go here and look at the different options including an oppertunity for a (limited time) free ADN subscription if you are an underfunded or start up company.

With your subscription, you also get the customized HGM export and animation export plugins for both 3ds Max and Maya.

What other tools do I need to make a game on HeroEngine?

It depends on what you are doing. If you are an artist, 3ds max or Maya is required. If you are a programmer or scripter, then Visual Studios is helpful. Beyond that, we take care of everything else, from Maya/Max plugins, SpeedTree Modeler and Compiler, and more.

What are system requirements to use HeroEngine?

The HeroEngine client is fully scalable, supporting a wide range of client computer specification. The minumum specs required are as follows:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 x32 or x64
  • 2 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 GB free Hard Drive space
  • DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3 (SM3) or later graphics card, with 256 MB RAM
  • Audio device
  • 1 button mouse
  • Keyboard
Recomended specifications are:
  • Microsoft Microsoft Windows 10 x64 bit
  • Dual Core, 2.4 GHz CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 250 GB free Hard Drive space
  • DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3 (SM3) or later graphics card, with 512 MB RAM + DX 11 Shader Model (D3D11)
  • Audio device
  • 2 button mouse with scroll wheel
  • Keyboard
  • Autodesk Max or Maya 2011 or later, x32 or x64 (Required to import custom Art Assets)



What scripting or programming language does HeroEngine use?

HeroEngine is built on C++ and C# depending on if it is client or server side. HeroScript Language (HSL) is built ontop of these to bridge the gap between the two so you do not have to learn multiple languages and use multiple to communicate between client and server.

View more information about HSL here.

What scripting programmes are needed?

You do not need any other programming tools as HeroEngine includes all that you need for writing and compiling your scripts. This is handled in engine. You can use Notepad++ or other external applications if you like to write your files, then copy+paste them in engine when you are online.

Do I need to have my own versioning software?

No, you do not need any of this HeroEngine has all of the basics built into the engine. You can however chose to link up your own Perforce, Git or other common versioning software as we do have those integrated and linked into HeroEngine and HeroCloud.

Do I need to have a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for development?

No you do not, this is built into the HeroEngine and HeroCloud.

What modeling programmes are required?

At this time we only support Maya and Max for our export tools. FBX is not currently supported at this time, but will change over the next year. Please note that Maya LT is not supported due to Autodesk not allowing 3rd party binary plugins for use in Maya LT. Click here for more information.

If you do not apply for a student license for learning purposes only, you can also go here and look at the different options including an oppertunity for a (limited time) free ADN subscription if you are an underfunded or start up company.

Are there sample assets in the engine that I can use?

Yes, there are sample assets from Hero's Journey in all builds that you can use for prototyping and white boxing. We include several of the following categories:

  • Dynamic Female Character
  • Basic hair and style sets
  • Basic armour sets
  • Basic Weapon
  • Rock set
  • Basic architecture set
  • Trees (Speed Trees)
  • Terrain Dynamic Detail (grass and plants)
  • Terrain Dynamic Mesh Detail (Meshes)
  • Basic terrain tiling textures
  • Miscellaneous assets
  • White Box set (Box, tube, cone, arch, etc)

 Some of these are in the engine already for your use, and we also have some .max and .maya assets in our Additional Downloads section you can find in your Account page on account.heroengine.com.

  • HeroEngine Art Tutorial Sample Files
  • Hero's Journey Monster Sample Files
  • Hero's Journey Character Sample Files
  • Example Art

What formats does Hero support for models and textures?

Standard formats for Hero Granny Models (HGM) format has a few guidelines to follow as most engines do for their format. Using the 3DS Max or Maya plugins do most of the work for you. All models must be exported as HGM's. Model textures must be DDS, and for GUI you can use DDS or PNG.

Information about the Hero Export Guide

Information about Hero Textures and DDS format


How do I bring my models into HeroEngine?

We provide you with plugins pre-built for both 3ds Max and Maya. You just install using our install tool or set them up manually in your application, then export with a few simple clicks, then simply upload them to your repository. They will be available in the engine for anyone to use right away.

Information on 3ds Max and Maya plugins and manual installation: 3Ds Max Setup or Maya Setup

Information about our Repository Browser

Does HeroEngine support large open seamless worlds?

Yes HeroEngine does. Our Seamless 2 technology allows you to create seamless open world environments. With HeroEngine there is no world size limits. Instead of how other engines handle open worlds, we limit area (zone/levels/chunks) size instead with upto 1200 square meters. Your game design and scope will termin the restrictions for area size. Most MMO's area size range between 250 to 512 square.

More information about HeroEngine's Seamless 2.0

Does HeroEngine support instancing or instanced areas?

Yes, HeroEngine does support instancing and instanced areas. This can be done easily though our Area Instance and Travel system.

Information on basic Instances and instance types.

Can I have a game Lobby for my game instead of a traditional MMO world?

Yes you can. HeroEngine includes a basic Lobby system that allows you to use and modify it as you wish. As with all of our prebuilt systems, you can customize it or build your own to fit your game or applications need.

Information about HeroEngine's Lobby System

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