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HeroEngine 3D Market

Architecture (1)

Architecture & Structures: Listing of all game art that is relivant to architecture and other structures used.

Props and Misc (0)

Props and miscellaneous art to clutter up and create a living world. Includes furniture to dishware and everything in between.

Environments (0)

Enviornment GES files, cubemaps, skydomes and more. Bring your world to life with some amazing environment schemes and props.

Characters (0)

Characters, Animations Character props: Find the characters, creatures, monsters and animations you need for your players and other NPC actors.

Character Props (0)

Propos for your Characters: From clothing to armour to weapons. Find the perfect gear for your players and NPC actors herre.

Geology (0)

Geologoy to inlcude rocks, rock formations, heightmap files, heightmap meshes and more. A good place to start filling in your natural world.

Nature/Foliage (1)

Nature and Foliage to include all forms of flora from grass to trees and everything in between.

Vehicles and Mounts (0)

Vehicles include everything from horses to tanks. Assets range from static (non animated) to animated assets to help your players get around your project.

Textures (0)

Textures of all sorts to add to your game or models from seamless for terrain to texture groups for assets.

User Interface (0)

2D user interface texture files for use in your game. Use them as a set or mix and match to fit your project style.

Audio (0)

Music and Sound Effects: Offered music, sound effects, and loops to build your game environment.

Shaders, HLSL & HSL (0)

HLSL Shader files that you can add to your game for both server and client side, Pre and Post Rendering.

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